Living with dogs in Zurich

Switzerland is a heaven for dogs. When you go for a walk, you are already in nature. You don’t need to go very far away to have fun with your dogs. However, if you want your dogs to run off the leash and play with other dogs, the place you want to go is called Allmend. It is a huge park behind Saalsportshalle and very easy to reach in the city. There are football fields, skate park, children park, no cars allowed and dogs are allowed off the leash here. You will see people riding horses here. Dogs love to run after the sticks in the river. Be careful if it rained a lot the night before, the stream might be very strong and don’t throw sticks. I saw a dog was drowning there and screamed my best to the owners who were just picnicking.

Dogs at Allmend
Happy Sophia & Nil at Allmend

People do barbecue there, they can party with loud music too. There is a shooting range up the hill, very far away but it can happen that shooting sounds come due the wind direction. If you have a fearful dog like I have, be prepared for that.

I suggest you discover other dog friendly walks with “Animal Happy-End“, an animal-rescue organisation. Look for dog walking activities at the end of their website. They are nice walks with all the rescued dogs. If you also have a rescue dog, you will find a lot to talk about with other people.